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Case Results

Matter of R Longtime lawful permanent resident arrested by immigration officers at 5:00 a.m. because of an old conviction. He is set to be deported that evening. Wife calls our office at 3:00 p.m. We file emergency writ with federal court and he is released on bond and still remains in the U.S. today.

People vs. R Domestic violence charge reduced to simple disturbing the peace conviction.

People vs. G Domestic violence charge dismissed.

R vs A Automobile collision. Case settled for $650,000.00 on the eve of trial. Initial offer to settle by insurance company was $22,500.00.

Z vs V Automobile collision. Settled case for $100,000.00.

G vs S Accident in apartment complex. Settled case for $150,000.00.

R vs N Automobile collision. Settled case for $100,000.00

G vs G Automobile collision. Settled case for $294,000.00.

M vs M Auto vs. pedestrian accident. Client jaywalks across the street and is hit by a car. Police report and independent witness say that our client is at fault for accident. After our thorough investigation shows that negligent driver had been drinking earlier in the day, we settle case for $50,000.00 policy limits of negligent driver.

V vs V Auto v. auto accident. Our office is asked to take case within 1 week of trial. Because client's previous attorney does nothing at all with the case, we are able to continue trial and work up the case to get it ready for trial. Initial offer from insurance company is $3,000.00. After our office takes over the case, we settle the case for $30,000.00 policy limits of negligent driver's insurance policy and an additional $16,500.00 from our client's underinsured motorist insurance policy.

L vs P Automobile vs. pedestrian accident. Case settled for policy limits of $100,000.00

People vs D Domestic violence charge dismissed after payment of fine of $650.00.

M vs M Work injury case settled for $135,000.00

Matter of H Permanent Resident illegally deported by DHS. We file writ with federal court to have the US government return her. She is returned and remains in the US today as a lawful permanent resident.

A vs L Settled case at mediation for $1,200,000.00


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